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Colorful and fun to create 8" x 10" abstract canvas for wall decor. This peice was created with a combination of pouring and spinning paint, splashing colors from a brush, then striking with various sized chains in several colors. 


Our canvases can mostly be considered abstract art. Sometimes we have something in mind to start with. Sometimes we just start and see what happens! Our canvases use a variety of techniques, including pouring, blowing, spinning, splattering, brushes, and sometimes chains and other tools not normally associated with painting! Our 8”x10” canvases are linen canvases stretched over a wood frame. These smaller sizes can add a touch of color, curiosity and thought to small spaces.


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Spin, Splash & Chains

SKU: C-001
  • If you are not satisfied with your art, ship it back to us at your cost and we will refund your purchase price.

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